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caravan breakers and dismantlers

Obviously most older caravans and motorhomes can be refurbished, or sold on to someone looking for a project, but sometimes the age or damage is just to great, in which case the best method for disposal will probably be a specialist breaker or dismantler, who should be able to come and give you a price which will likely be based on the value of the parts of the van rather than its sum.  They should be able to offer free collection and explain what needs to be done with any paperwork in much the same way as any other type of vehicle.

Breakers are also an excellent source of parts for older used caravans and motorhomes which may not still be stocked by the manufacturer, so it is well worth finding out where your local caravan breakers yard is and whether they keep much in stock which suits your motorhome in case you do need any parts.  Most will have a variety of used vans in stock, but will of course also have a back catalogue of parts available from purposed sized furniture to more obscure engine parts and bodywork.

Look for a well established, reputable breakers, as it is important that parts are removed with care and attention by experienced professional to avoid any damage – try one of the links below.

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Selection of companies directly in the category of breakers and dismantlers

East Yorkshire Caravan Salvage
Contact: Philip Henderson 07973 270722
 Caravan salvage - caravans stocked and used for spares

A. B. Caravans - Yorkshire
Contact: Tony Brooks 01302 771858 / 07976 736188

Jones Caravan Breakers
Contact: Gareth Jones 01697 451 306

Megabug The Beetle People
Contact: David Ralfe 0208 317 7333
Air cooled Volkswagen spares

A & A Caravans
Contact: Brian Barnes 01254 233 942 / 07909 666 536
caravan breakers

A & A Copy Clough Caravans
Contact: Brian Barnes 01254 384316 / 01254 233942

A.A Salvage
Contact: Martin Smith 07838 112335/ 07838 112334

Brendans Breakers
Contact: Paul Taylor 0871 288 4287

Caravan Breakers Nationwide
Contact: Paul Taylor 0161 652 7074

Caravan Breakers.Com
Contact: arie 07747 830911

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