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Sun Protection that repels Jellyfish!

 5-Star Protection…from Lifesystems Active Sun Cream


Another new product for us to look at this week – this time sun cream, from Lifesystems. The product arrived slightly too late for testing during my winter holiday, so has had to wait to get the use we would have hoped, given the weather thus far this year.


At first glance, this is the perfect sun cream for us and our readers. It offers a combination of high quality, factor 25 or 40 UVA protection with a super advanced anti-jellyfish formula, making it ideal for Watersports and sea swimmers. The cream has ‘broad spectrum photo stable filters’ which provide a consistent coverage and defence against harmful UV rays.

The cream has a good texture, covering well, and is highly water / sweat resistant. Advice is to apply liberally and frequently, and this formulation seems to offer extra peace of mind on coverage. The high factor makes it suitable for most of the family for all sorts of activities, and it sinks in well without leaving the thick white film you often see from sun creams.

The product contains 4 different elements which combined are supposed to repel jellyfish, so that even if you brush past one and it touches your skin, it should prevent a nasty sting:

Plankton extract to block the jellyfish sting sensors

Calcium based mineral salt to muddle the message sent by the sting sensor should it be activated

Protein and sugar mixture which is similar to the make up of the jellyfish bell; essentially fooling the jellyfish into thinking it is touching itself and stopping the sting.

Having tested this, I can’t say much about it’s jellyfish repelling ability – I didn’t see any on this occasion , so perhaps it repelled them very, very effectively (!), but the cream is excellent anyway, and I will report back on these properties should I happen upon and jellyfish swarms in the future!


For more information about Lifesystems Active Formula Sun Cream visit

The New Adaptable Tent from Outwell

Although we haven’t yet had a chance to try one out, we like the look of the new offering from Outwell, the Combo Collection. The range consists of the Malibu 4 and 5, which are modular tents which you can put together to create a fully customised style of tent for whichever situation you are in. Whether it is a short weekend away for two, or a longer family holiday, one tent will suffice as you can upsize and adapt according to need. We like the idea of only needing one tent for festivals, holidays and short breaks, and think this sounds like good value – as you can increase or decrease your available tent space in line with your family growing without having to discard the original purchase.

The Malibu works with zip in Expansion Modules, and the Malibu 5 model also has the option of a Double Expansion Module, Kids Room or Game Wall.

With the main components being manufactured from Outtex 4000, which has it’s sector leading 4,000 mm hydrostatic head; plus a combination of Duratec and steel poles, the system also benefits from signature features such as large toggle fastening windows and the Outwell Wave-shaped Hanging Point System which relieves the stress placed on the inner seams.

We look forward to seeing the Outwell Combo Collection soon!

See for more info

Glamping? Cook in Style with the Frontier Stove

The Frontier stove is a truly portable stove made by Camping Solutions. They were originally designed for humanitarian charities to send out to disaster zones.   The public found out about these stoves and went mad for them, and now they are sold all across the globe.
The Frontier is really lightweight weighing only 10kg, and packs up inside itself. This along with its own handle makes it easy to carry even if you don’t buy the bag for it.  This means you can take it out fishing with you to keep warm, and cook your catch on straight away.
It even has a long flue to  keep the smoke out of your face when you are cooking and eating, which is great as we all know how annoying It can be sat around a fire when the wind keeps changing directions.
They have even designed a water heater that wraps around the flue so you can have hot water all the time, and still have space on top to cook with 2 pans.
When fitted correctly it can even be used inside sheds or canvas tents making it an essential accessory for any glamper or person with an outdoor office.
There are lots of additional extras you can buy to help you make the most out of this stove in different situations including a spark arrestor to catch loose embers, heat mats to protect the floor and even additional flue sections.

The Frontier stove really is a must for any fan of the outdoors and I cannot wait to see what new and exciting products Camping Solutions come up with

For more information please visit

Kathmandu Compass and Pocket Tool

All in one pocket knife, etc..


The following features are included in this impressive handy camping and caravan tool
Can opener
Wire cutter
Small slotted screwdriver
Large slotted screwdriver
Long nose pliers
Philips screwdriver
Precision screwdriver
Bottle opener
Hook remover
Knife blade
Hex key