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Caravan WiFi

Most of us nowadays expect that most medium sized or larger sites will have wi-fi available; either at a nominal cost or free in communal areas, with many using it as a selling point. It’s easy enough to connect via a password provided on check in and means you don’t have to eat up precious data allowances using your mobile internet during your holiday; something which the advent of 4g has increased. A dongle with extra allowance is worth looking into, but wi-fi access usually allows for much faster access, and can be helpful in remote areas if your mobile signal isn’t perfect.

You should find the signal is passable on most sites, although dense vegetation can interfere. Most laptops have wi-fi capability but the antenna is not always perfect, being built in and more useful in a strong signal home environment. It might be worth considering investing in a booster for your caravan to help you make the most of the signal. Some sites charge for wi-fi access per device, so if you are a family of smart phone and tablet users, these are also a good way of keeping costs down on a  site which doesn’t provide free access, as the wi-fi is delivered to the booster as one device which then passes it on to your smaller devices.

Some devices work as a simple USB plug in, and are more portable. If you are looking for something with more strength and reliability, the a directional or omni directional fixed booster is a better bet. This will boost the available signal and create your own secure network around your caravan to which you can connect all your devices.

It may be that you are staying at a smaller site which doesn’t offer wi-fi access, in this case there are still available options. Some of course will be private networks which you cannot join, but most mobile networks offer access to a variety of wi-fi hotspots as part of your service. BT customers should be able to access the FON network via other users, and many public spots like cafes, leisure centres and even McDonalds have dedicated free networks which you may be able to access from your caravan.

There are a multitude of companies out there who can advise on accessories to boost your wi-fi signal, and unless you know what you are looking at, it is probably wise to talk to these and find out what range you need, how close you will need to be to the wi-fi source and so on. Some need to be fixed with bolts, others come with suction cups, so it’s wise to do your research about your needs and speak to a professional.