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Find ways to create more space in your campervan

No matter how much you love your motorhome or caravan, there is no getting away from the fact that space is limited, and even the most spacious models can feel a bit cramped once you have packed up all your kit for a full week’s holiday. If you are touring, it can be even worse, as you will probably need to take even more equipment away with you to last rather than using on site facilities.

Should you decide to go for a custom conversion, talk to your outfitter about smart storage and sensible layouts – most experienced conversion operators are well versed in fitting the maximum into a small space without making for uncomfortable accommodation. Slide out tables and surfaces, flip up beds, hidden seating and under bed storage are all good ideas, as are multipurpose furniture and wall mounted electronics such as televisions. Swivel chairs serve as extra seating, and overhead lockers can also help.

On the other hand, there are a whole host of nifty space saving gadgets and ideas to maximise the space that you have and smart storage ideas to keep clutter to a minimum.

Here are our top tips:

 Use the inside of doors / drawers

Cupboard doors and internal doors are a great way to find extra storage space. A simple rack, either suction or permanently fixed can hold flip flops, cleaning products, books, toys or board games to great effect. Over the door hooks or racks also work well for nick nacks and bathroom items.

Pegboards with sturdy dowel can be slotted into drawers to create secure, compact storage for crockery and cooking utensils and keep things organised at the same time.


Velcro can be used for lighter objects, such as remote controls which can be tucked away on the side of TV furniture or bedside tables.

 Folding luggage / appliances

There are some great examples out there of fold down suitcases and luggage which can work really well for additional storage and tuck away in the smallest nooks and crannies when not in use which make them perfect for those hiring a campervan a campervan who may need to travel with packed clothes before collecting their vehicle.

There are also some brilliant little gadgets from folding bowls to collapsible kettles available to save lots of surface space. Check out a good accessories stockist for more ideas.

 Pack light

Yes, there are times when you might want to dress up for a special occasion, and we all know the British weather isn’t always conducive to a bikini, so denim shorts and one pair of flip flops, but try to cut down and create a capsule wardrobe. It can be rather liberating to reduce choice of outfits in the morning, and should save oodles of storage space. Travel size toiletries are also a brilliant idea, and rather than shelling out on miniatures versions, small bottles and dispensers can be picked up cheaply in discount stores and refilled over and over from products at home. Don’t forget to label them!



Even a small awning is a brilliant way to create extra living space for most campervans and motorhomes. Get a custom fit, and you have space to stretch out, perhaps eat, or store outdoor equipment at night. A good one will be warm and dry and can make an excellent play area or ‘dining room.’


Bike Racks

A bicycle rack is an excellent investment for cycling tourers. You can of course store bikes inside your campervan while you are out, but for space, and less mess, a good one can be fitted externally to provide secure, convenient storage.

Rear or Roof boxes

Most accessory suppliers and even high street motor stores now offer a plethora of storage boxes from sleek plastic roof boxes to specifically designed rear boxes for added external space. Do be aware that these can add both height and weight to your campervans, although modern versions tend to be made of light, durable materials to make them less cumbersome. Do check height restrictions, and it might also be worth checking your motorhome insurance policy, as some may exclude valuables stored in these boxes from theft or vandalism claims.

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