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Bluetooth Again…

For some of us, music is such an integral art of life that any holiday or trip wouldn’t be complete without a good source. We have looked at a variety of Bluetooth speakers over the years on the blog, and the run up to Christmas seems like a good time to look at some new offerings. This time, we look at 2 kits from August, manufacturers of good quality, good value equipment including headphones and speakers.

The SE20 is a tiny traditional boombox stereo style player with Bluetooth connectivity and radio with alarm clock. We have one in white, and although it is small, it packs in two 3w speakers and 7 hours worth of battery. It came fully charged, was simple to set up, and sounds pretty impressive for its size. Obviously lacking in bass, the all round sound is perfectly ample for a small space and would be perfect with the easy set up clock for a caravan bedroom system.

The MS515 is in a rather different league. What is better than a Bluetooth speaker? Why, 2 bluetooth speakers, of course. This is a sleek, matte rubber style set of two triangular speakers. The set comes with a couple of aux in, connector (which is a decent length to truly optimise the stereo) and a really handy split mini usb cable so that you can charge both speakers at the same time. Aux in as well as Bluetooth means it is compatible with a variety of formats, and in my tests, it does live up to the 15 hour advertised playback. The rubberized casing and sturdy feet minimise reverberation and movement nicely and this bit of kit feels like it ought to cost more than it does (currently on Amazon at around £35) for both speakers.

This may well be the perfect portable device for the outdoors brigade – you can use just one speaker if slinging it in your back pack, and it feels sturdy enough to carry around. Plug it in your caravan, and it provides a really rich, true sound, even on bassier tracks. At this size of course, it will never equal huge separates, but in a small space with limited storage, these are bang on. Recommended.