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Gifts for Campers and Caravanners

With the last week or 2 of Christmas shopping looming before us, here are a few ideas for caravanners and campers alike for any last minute purchases!

The Pure Pop Mini DAB digital and FM radio would be good for a camper, as its small size, excellent range and easy to use large pop up power button are both space saving and easy to use. It can be plugged into mains or run on standard AA batteries – there is also the option of a ChargePAK so that you can charge it up to use without mains or 12v supply

The alarm clock is large enough to be easily visible and also offers a dimmer function, meaning it is perfect for the bedside table without keeping you awake with too much light in a confirmed space. The DAB works perfectly, and it’s square, mini design will fit nicely into a modern or retro style ‘van.

Mystical Fire

A bit of a whimsical stocking filler this, but the Mystical Fire colour changing sachets would be a lovely idea for those who love a good old campfire sing song. These little sachets contain a ‘magical’ powdery substance which changes the colour of the flames. You simply drop the whole sachet onto the fire and watch the flames turn into blues, greens and yellows! The effect lasts around 40 minutes and is really very pretty.









How about a PowerPot? A nifty gadget which works to convert conventional heat into electrical power. Place the pot on your heat source filled with water, and plug your device into it’s USB, and voila, it charges. It can be used for conventional cooking, or boiling water for tea, and charges at the same time via a heat proof cable – genius!