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Go Travel Flat Pack Suitcase

I must point out that we are not paid to review the outdoor, camping and caravan related items we test. Yes, we get sent samples, but the opinions expressed are always my own, not influenced by the manufacturer.


Most of what we are asked to review is useful or unusual, rather than fripperies or standard products, and it is a real pleasure to find items which do in fact live up to their hype, provide an unusual function or work particularly well in a caravan or camping setting.


Enter here the Go Travel Flat Pack suitcase which I received a few weeks ago. Although it isn’t technically holiday season, I have in fact been away, and fished it out to try.


Which brings me to the most important thing – this case has been kept under the bed, packed flat – an innovation which is ridiculously simple, but really rather marvellous. It squashes flat by using collapsible sides which are rigid when up, and straps and clips to keep them in place. The mechanism is utterly simple and takes a second or two to use.  I have the medium sized case, which is more than roomy enough for me – I packed for 4 days, including shoes, for an adult and child, with all that entails. It is robust, stylish and lightweight – much, much lighter than my traditional case despite the rigid parts, and of course it is wheeled with a telescopic handle to make mobility as easy as possible. Ity is made of a tough, durable polyester, and comes in a couple of colours – the charcoal option is plain but stylish.

Space wise, the fact that the case collapses makes it an ideal candidate for the caravanner. Once unpacked, I found it squashed to around a third of its original size, thin enough to tuck in behind a wardrobe in limited space, so if you do take this caravanning, it won’t be flopping around your room all week – a great idea.


Cost wise, these are fairly reasonable, with the medium retailing at around £100 – you can buy a standard case much, much cheaper, but if space, weight and style is important to you, then these are a great idea.


Really like this product – check here for a short demo: