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Kilrock Damp Clear and Kilrock Blast Away Mould Gel

It’s taken a while to get the full picture on both these products, but finally I am ready to fill you in.

Simple, and inexpensive, the Kilrock range is probably already familiar to most van owners fighting the constant worry of damp problems.

We had a look at the Damp Trap and a mould cleaner called Blast Away.


The moisture trap is a slimline tub filled with a water absorbing substance which claims to protect against mildew and damp, trapping airborne moisture straight from the air. Kilrock say the product works for 6-8 weeks – in our experience this is about right, although this clearly varies with how damp your environment as the substance has a finite capability to hold water.

It does seem odd, but a couple of these scattered around the caravan, particularly near windows where condensation is a problem really do help stop damp. They fill up, with the water absorber becoming soft and mushy over time, showing they have worked. They are pretty inexpensive too, and refills are available online in large packs, making these really quite an economical damp buster. We like.


Blast Away Mould Brush on Gel

This product is a brush on applicator gel designed to completely remove black and brown staining left by mould and mildew. Its gel formula is easy to use – you can use the brush to put it on walls, around taps or windows, and it won’t drip and stain your soft furnishings. It is bleach, so do be aware before squiring it around willy nilly, but its very easy to use on most surfaces. Squeeze on, spread with the brush, and leave for the recommended time.

Again, this is an inexpensive product, and it does work. A couple of spots needed a second application, but nothing overwhelming. I would hope that with proper ventilation and storage, plus the moisture traps, we can avoid any more major damp / mould issues, but if not I’m confident this stuff will do the trick at removing any nasty stains left behind.