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Dog Day Afternoons…

One of the reasons Brits have had such a longstanding love affair with the outdoor life is the ability to take your dogs on holiday.

Whether you camp or prefer to take a tourer or motorhome with you, this is a brilliant option for dog lovers everywhere. No kennel fees, no worry about leaving faithful Fido behind while you go off to enjoy your summer holidays.

It also means your hound can take advantage of long walks though the woods, sunny afternoons at the beach and a refreshing dip in the sea or a nearby lake, make doggy friends and get some exercise too.



Are dogs welcome on the site you have chosen? What restrictions are in place regarding their behaviour? Do check as turning up with several large dogs in tow only be turned away could literally ruin your holiday.


Make sure you are happy that your dog is well trained not tomes in your living quarters, and take puppy pads and plenty of disposal bags. Make sure you cklean up after your dog as religiously, or even more so, than at home. Beaches and campsites alike are usually very family friendly, so do make sure you are fastidious with this.


Take a supply of your usual food, plus a few suitable treats for bribery. Yes, there are supermarkets everywhere, but if you have a fussy pooch or one on a restricted diet, a midnight dash to the 24 hour supermarket may not yield quite the right results, and the last thing you want is a food refuser or worse, a poorly tum. Make sure water is easily available as you would at home.


If you dog is crated or sleeps in a particular basket or bed, take it with. Try to keep to her usual routine which will make it easier when you return home, but should also stop any nearby neighbours complaining about noisy pets.


Most sites will have a rule about tethering. Good pet shops should sell these, plus a stake to anchor it firmly. If in doubt, a flexi style lead tethered with the stop pushed at the correct length will work. I’d also so you can never have too many leads – if one does go astray, it will stop you being marooned with no way of taking the dog out.


Just to reiterate – a car or caravan interior can reach baking temperatures in a matter of minutes. If you take your dog, be prepared to look for pubs which allow dogs, or eat outside. Leaving your dog in the car is absolutely not advised, even for short periods.

Last but not least, take a good supply of old towels. Wet dog in a small space is not pleasant, and who knows what your mutt may decide to roll in on your long forest walks!