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caravan covers

caravan covers

Caravan Covers

If you are winterising you caravan for outdoor storage, then a cover for your caravan is a very good idea.  If you are lucky enough to have indoor / undercover storage available, then it’s not quite such a worry, but if your caravan is standing outside it will be at the mercy of the elements.  Wind, rain and frost can all damage your caravan, affecting the paintwork, just as UV light can cause fading.  You need a cover which can protect from animal droppings and tree sap, moisture and ice, as well as general dirt.  It also needs to be breathable to allow moisture caught inside to dissipate and not cause condensation and mould.

Inside storage can still be dusty, which can scratch your paintwork and cause corrosion, so even if you are using a storage facility, it is still worth looking at the conditions and finding a suitable cover to keep your caravan in tip top condition.

You can get ready made covers with soft, breathable insides, or, if you cannot find something in the right size, consider having something custom made.  The extra cost will soon be balanced by the protection it offers an investment like a caravan or motorhome.

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S & P Leisure
Contact: Patricia Montgomery 01473 780033 | 07850 754403
 caravan equipment
caravan equipment

Marcle Leisure
Contact: Steve Monkley 01531 660 797 / 05603 687 349
Marcle Leisure

Coastline Covers Ltd
Contact: Victoria ford / Sean 01305 779 666
upholsterers - bespoke caravan items

Specialised Covers Ltd
Contact: Katie Fishwick 01943 864 646 / 01943 864 828

InPace Caravans Covers
Contact: David Ogilvie 01993 706303

Pro-Tec Covers
Contact: Keith Procter 01274 780088

Bags & Covers Direct Ltd
Contact: Karen Cartwright 01924 565 230

Canvas & Nylon Limited
Contact: Jamie Hawkes 01344 882 539
Canvas & Nylon Company

Corby Canvas Products
Contact: Lindsay Burrill 01536 401401 / 0772 0924 973

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