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Adult Only Caravan Parks

Adults only

A well run, facility packed caravan park is a wonderful place for family holidays with the kids, but what if you have no children, they’ve grown up an moved out, or you have managed to wangle a baby sitter so you can have a long weekend away? The hustle and bustle of a family motorhome site is no doubt fun, but if you prefer something perhaps a little more sophisticated, then an adult only caravan park might be the wiser choice.  Quieter, usually with good facilities, an adult only park or site should be haven of peaceful and tranquil surroundings for a true getaway.

Our list of exclusively adult caravan parks and sites is a one stop guide to the best of the UK’s grown up locations, where grandparents, professionals and parents looking for some peace and quite will find their ideal spot for rest and relaxation.  You might also consider some of our glamping locations for the grown up holiday with just a touch more glamour.

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Cumbria (1) Devon (1)
East Yorkshire (1) Essex (1)
Hertfordshire (1) Lancashire (2)
Norfolk (2) North Yorkshire (1)
Pembrokeshire (1) Scotland (1)
Somerset (4) South Yorkshire (1)
Staffordshire (1) Suffolk (2)
Wales (1) West Yorkshire (1)
Yorkshire (2) 

Selection of companies directly in the category of caravan parks adult only

The Rickels Caravan & Camping Park
Contact: Heather Crown 01485 518671
 family run caravan park
caravan and holiday parks

Wells Holiday Park
Contact: 01749 676 869
 Wells Holiday Park
Adult only holiday park

Holmston Hall
Contact: Dr Yvonne Hopkins 01829 760 366 / 07778 510 287
 Holmston Hall
Holmston caravan park

Andrewshayes Holiday Park
Contact: Mr & Mrs Lawrence 01404 831225
caravan parks Devon

Glenearly Caravan Park
Contact: Debbie Jardine 01556 611 393

New Farm B&B Caravan Park
Contact: Mark Roland 01270 528 213

Nolton Cross Caravan Park
Contact: Helen Thomas 01437 710 701 / 07814 779 020

Tyddyn Du Touring Park
Contact: Pamela 01492 622 300

Wells Touring Park
Contact: Jason Wilton 01749 676 869

Bramble Hill
Contact: Mrs M Rogers 01458 442 548

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